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April 23

Washington U. Decides to Study Guns and Public Health
Local Man Pushes for Guns on Public Transit
House Urges Common 5.56mm Round for Army and Marine Corps

April 22

McCain Scoffs at Cruz's Claims on Gun Rights Advocacy
NRA Appears to Be Winning the Latest Round on Gun Control
Ann Arbor Catholic Priest Says Church Discontinuing CPL Classes

April 21

Tennessee Governor Amends 'Guns in Parking Lots' Law to Protect Workers
Dallas County to Take Guns From Domestic Abusers
Permits to Carry Guns Surge in Mass.

April 20

Movement to Allow Concealed Weapons on College Campuses Triggers Debate
Cleveland Mulls Law to Keep Guns From Children, Criminals
Speakers Talk Guns, Immigration and Gas Tax at Capitol Rally

April 17

Fairly Quietly, Minnesota House OKs Silencers for Guns
House, Senate Send New Guns-In-Parks Bill to Haslam
Committee Hears Bill Preventing Child Access to Guns

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