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April 18

Gun Laws in Some U.S. Cities More Similar to Highly-Restrictive Mexico than to the Rest of America
Bloomberg's New Campaign: Take Guns from Women in Abusive Households
ATF’s EPS Needs H-E-L-P

April 17

New Jersey Second Amendment Society Needs Local Area Coordinators
Bloomberg’s New Campaign: More Gun Control Needed for Gun-Owning Parents
Constituent Blasts Democrat Sens Warner, Kaine for Voting to Submit Gun Rights to UN

April 16

Connecticut Not Yet Ready to Enforce Post-Newtown Gun Law
TX Legislature likely to debate open carry
Tennessee: House Subcommittee Chairman Removes Park Carry Bill from Schedule

April 15

Kentucky: Comprehensive Pro-Gun Reform Signed into Law Last Week
Scholastic Pistol Program's Northeast Spring Regional Sets Record
"SAFE ACT" Gun Showdown

April 14

Rob Pincus Scheduled to Host Two Seminars at NRAAM
GOP candidate Boughton quits Mayors Against Illegal Guns
USA Shooting Team Still in Pursuit of Podium at 2014 Tucson World Cup

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