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October 24

Internet-Connected Guns Are The Next Step For Data-Hungry Police
Crimson Trace Earns Prestigious SEOPA Recognition
Controversy Surrounds Pistol Permit Application Asking for Facebook Information

October 23

Crimson Trace Honors 2 Millionth Customer with Factory Tour, Engraved Pistol
SAF Files Suit Challenging Illinois' CCW Residency Requirements
Protestors Turn out for Second Amendment Rights at Gubernatorial Debate

October 22

Guns and Poses: Nebraska School OK's Guns in Senior Portraits
Gun-Rights Activist Pushes I-591 to Curb Background Checks
Former Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, in Portland, Declares Gun Violence a 'Women's Issue'

October 21

How Gun-Control Legislation Is Affecting This Election
Supreme Court to Decide Whether Felons Can Sell Their Guns
3D-Printed Gun Maker Draws Jail Term in Japan

October 20

Cuomo Defends Law Denying Guns to Mentally Ill People
Court to Decide if Convicted Felon Can Sell Guns
UK Gun Owners Now Subject to Warrantless Home Searches

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