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February 27

Colorado Pushes for Concealed Guns in K-12 Schools
Air Gun Ban Proposed by NAACP Presented to Tuscaloosa City Council
Shooting Instructors Worry about Concealed Carry without Training

February 26

Michigan House Set to Carve Air Guns out of Firearms Laws
West Virginia Could Get Rid of Concealed Carry Permits
Advocates Push State Law That Would Keep Guns Away from Felons

February 25

High Court Weighs Right of Convicted Felon to Sell Guns
FedEx Refuses to Ship Machine That Can Make Untraceable Guns
Conceal Carry Plan Would Allow Permits to Apply Nationwide

February 24

Bill Could Nix Concealed Carry Permits
Arizona Senate OKs Silencers, Sawed-off Shotguns
Hunting Could Be Allowed at 4 State Parks

February 23

UM President: Don't Bring Concealed Carry to Campus
Proposal: Banning Armor Piercing Bullets for the Public
City of Harrisburg Asks Judge to Dump Second Amendment Claims from Gun Lawsuit

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