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March 30

In the Hunt to Be the 2016 GOP Pick, Top Contenders Agree on 1 Thing: Guns
Momentum for Campus Carry
Senate Set to Debate Guns in Public Buildings Proposal

March 27

Girls With Guns: 4 Tips for Finding Female-Friendly Gun Ranges
Appeals Court to Reconsider Ruling Against San Diego Gun-Control Rule
Sen. Rubio, Rep. Jordan Propose Repealing D.C. Gun Control Laws

March 26

Kansas to Join States Allowing Concealed Guns Without Permit
Oregon Lawmakers Introduce Bill to Expand Gun Background Checks
Texas Bill Would Prohibit Doctors From Asking About Guns

March 25

Florida Senate Passes Bill to Let Gun Owners Carry Weapons in Emergency Evacuations
Colorado GOP Moves to Repeal New Background Checks for Guns
Guns in Public Buildings Closer to Approval

March 24

Aurora Bans Open Carry of Guns at the Municipal Center
New Ohio Law Allows Quieter Guns in Woods
Gun Rights Group Sues Philadelphia Suburb Over Ordinance

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