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September 16

Alison Grimes Continues Boom of Guns in Campaign Ads
Women Increasingly Buying and Carrying Guns
Winchester® Ammunition Receives Best Of The Best Award

September 15

St. Louis-Area Superintendents Say Guns in Their Schools Not Likely
The Assault Weapon Myth
National Shooting Sports Foundation Opens New Washington, D.C. Office

September 12

Top Guns Take Aim to Help Needy
Accidental Shooting Rekindles Debate over Guns in Schools
Silicon Valley Big Shots Back Teen's Biometric-Controlled Gun Idea

September 11

Missouri Lawmakers Expand Gun Rights in Schools
Guns on the Move: Police Trace Thousands of Guns under Investigation Back to Alabama
D.C. Gun Control Funding Restored to Congressional Spending Bill

September 10

Florida Hunters May Soon Be Using Silencers on Guns
Michigan Counties Report Varied Gun Permit Costs
Gun Control Fears Boost Enrollment at Manhattan's Only Commercial Gun Range

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