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May 22

Guns in Parks Debate Highlights Kanawha Commission Meeting
Assembly Kills Measure Allowing Concealed Guns at Colleges
State Enacts Ban on Drones for Hunting

May 21

Captitol Cops Get Bathroom Training After Guns Left in Toilet
Hunting, Fishing a Texan’s Right?
Wildlife Commission will set Hunting Regulations Friday

May 20

At Special Ops Conference in Tampa, All Kinds of Guns, Drones and More
High-Powered Hunting Rifle Proposal Voted Down
Boy Scouts of America Bans Water Gun Fights; ‘Pointing a Firearm’ is not Kind

May 19

Supreme Court Says Convicted Felons Can Sell Their Guns
Texas Legislators Reduce Penalty for Guns at Airports
Louisiana Night Hog Hunting Bill Catches Flak

May 18

Concerned About Attacks, Realtors Carrying Guns on the Job
SAFE Act Haunts Movement on Gun Safety Legislation

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