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July 30

The Dark Reason Why Guns are Virtually Guaranteed to be a Major Issue of the 2016 Campaign
L.A. City Council Bans Large-capacity Ammunition Magazines
4-H Shooting Sports Competition Produces Record Turnout

July 29

Appeals Court Upholds Doctor-Patient Gun Law
Store will do Gun Transfers for Free
The Legality of Buying Guns on Social Media

July 28

Senate Dems Press Gun Dealers on Background Checks
Trade Group Wants to Police Captive Hunting

July 27

Blame it on Bureaucracy: Legal Delay in Arming U.S. Military Recruiters
North Carolina Sends Gun Reform Bill to Governor
Why Los Angeles is Poised to Ban Possession of High-Capacity Gun Magazines

July 24

Attorney General Reviewing Ban on Guns in Alabama Highway Rest Stops
Wisconsin Sportsmen’s Caucus Champions Bill Expands Wild Game Meat Donation Program
More Seniors Becoming Interested in Guns, Says Westfield Gun Range Owner

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