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September 30

California Families Can Ask Judges to Seize Relatives' Guns under Bill Facing Governor's Move
Louisiana Restaurant Owner Gives a Discount to Gun Owners
Deer Hunters Allowed in Pennsylvania Woods despite Manhunt

September 29

Jersey City to Only Buy Guns from 'Socially Responsible' Manufacturer, Officials Say
A Rare Second Amendment Exemption from Federal Ban on Felons Possessing Guns
Washington Ballot Measure Targets Online Gun Sales

September 26

Litigation Involving Guns in City-Owned Rec Centers to Move Forward
NRA Outgunned? Gun Control Backers Put Millions behind Background Check Measure
Realistic Toy Guns Have City Council Members Concerned

September 25

Congress Seeks Increased Regulation on Homemade Firearms
Lawsuit Sparks Debate over Exploding Targets
NRA Withholds Endorsement in Alaska Senate Race

September 24

Opponents of Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson's Gun Laws Say Ordinances Would Not Survive Court Challenge
TABC Drops Plan to Allow Alcohol Sales With Gun Sales
Hunters Take a Hit to Preserve Sage Grouse

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