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May 25

Hawaii could be first to put gun owners in federal database
Cedar Rapids may turn to hunters for help with geese
Critics fire back at Seattle gun, ammo tax they claim is aimed at killing business

May 24

Permit no longer needed to carry a gun in West Virginia
Christie vetoes gun bill again
Attorneys general in 13 states urge gun violence research

May 23

At NRA meeting, Paul urges elimination of gun free zones
Pa. court revives lawsuit by gun owners who claim sheriff violated their privacy
Hunters split on young buck N.Y. hunting restrictions

May 20

Machine gun ban upheld by federal appeals court
Ban on Sunday hunting in Pennsylvania up for debate
State Senate backs firearm research bill

May 19

California Senate To Vote On Sweeping Gun-Control Measures
Blaze pink and lead ammo: Minnesota House backs hunting bills
No closed season on coyote hunting

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