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January 23

TSA Seizes Record 2,212 Firearms in 2014
The Army Gun: My 'Lethal Weapon' Moment
Pa. Holding off on Hiking Ban during Hunting Season

January 22

Mk-47 'Mutant': AR-15, AK-47 Hybrid Makes Debut at Las Vegas Gun Show
Gun Maker Remington Gets Newtown Lawsuit Moved to Federal Court
State Bill Aims to Ban Citizens from Taking Guns in Church

January 21

Gun-Control Group Moves to Curb Illegal Internet Gun Sales
CZ-USA Guns Are California-Friendly
Kansas Senate Bill Would Let Any Legal Gun Owner Secretly Carry without Permit

January 20

"Taken 3" Gun Supplier Blasts Liam Neeson
Feds: Nearly All Campus Officers at Public Universities Now Carry Guns
Guns, Hunting Featured at SHOT Trade Show in Las Vegas

January 19

State Senate Bans Openly Carried Guns in Public Gallery
Bill Would Allow North Dakota Elected Officials to Pack Guns
Pennsylvania Considers Hiking Ban in Hunting Season

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