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November 18

Indiana Trails Other States in Mentally Ill Gun Reporting
Alabama Joins Other States in Fighting Maryland Ban on Assault Weapons
CA Gun Dealers Sue over Law That Bans Handgun Ads

November 17

Report: Cops to Collect Guns after Permit Owners Die
N.J. Law Punishes Adults Whose Unsecured Guns Get into the Hands of Children
California Town’s Unusual Gun Law to Get Federal Appeals Court Ruling

November 14

Cold, Dead Hands: Buffalo to Seize Guns from Families Following Owners' Funerals
Gun Sales Boom Ahead of Ferguson Ruling
NC Coyote-Hunting Controls Approved for Red-Wolf Protection

November 13

Michigan Bills Loosen Regulations on Air Guns
Police in California and Texas Test Networked Guns
Nevada Could Soon Put Background Checks for Guns on the Ballot

November 12

California Can't Challenge Ruling on Concealed Guns, Court Says
Colorado Ousts Pro-Gun Republicans, Showing Effect of Turnout
Deer Hunting Season Means Big Bucks for the Economy

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