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February 10

Committee delays action on gun bills
Indiana has third-highest concentration of adults with gun permits in the nation
Hunting in Utah: 7 Things to Know About Hunting on Private Lands

February 9

West Virginia House Approves Permitless Concealed Gun Bill
Mississippi Bill Would Set Foundation to Nullify any New Federal Gun Control in Practice
Wildlife Commission OKs new hunting/fishing rules

February 8

Tennessee Passed Law in 2009 Taking Guns Out of Domestic Abusers’ Hands
Germany: Stun Guns in Demand Amid Security Concerns
Hunting, Fishing Fees in Georgia Targeted for Increase

February 5

Appeals court rules Md. gun control law infringes on Second Amendment rights
January Gun Sales Set Yet Another Record
Pa. lawmakers seek to expand youth hunting program

February 4

House Oks Bill Letting Guard members Carry Guns
House Passes Bills to Allow Open Gun Carry, Campus Gun Carry
Gun Makers Streamline Pistols for Women Who Carry

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