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April 27

Background check bill riles both sides of gun debate
NRA takes aim at proposed Longmeadow law banning assault rifles, restricting gun-carrying rights in town
Coyote hunting season now year-round in Michigan

April 26

Minn. Senate To Discuss 2 Bills On Gun Sales
FWC announces change to application process for alligator hunting season
Voters do not support lawsuits against firearms manufacturers, retailers for gun crime

April 25

TSA Hits New Record After Confiscating 73 Guns in One Week from Carry-on Bags
Tennessee Gun-Rights Law Shields Firearms from International Treaties
N.H. Charities Seek Healing for Veterans Through Fishing, Hunting

April 22

New Orleans City Council to consider 5 gun-control measures
Oklahoma Senate passes gun bill opposed by troopers, business groups
Ohio Wildlife Council approves 2016-2017 hunting regulations

April 21

Citadel to Allow Cadets with State Permits to Have Guns in Cars
Midcoast Tenants: Having Guns Should Be Our Decision, Not Landlord’s
Bill to Allow Guns on Tennessee College Campuses Heads to Haslam

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