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January 30

2014 Was 2nd Best Year for Safe Hunting in New York State
Nevada Bill Would Ban Guns for Those Convicted of Domestic Abuse
ATK Sporting Names 2014 Dealers of the Year

January 29

New Hampshire Bill Would Remove License for Concealed Guns
As Battle With NRA Looms, City Scales Back Its Gun Laws
New York Lawmaker Introduces Bill to Ban Kids under 12 from Gun Shows

January 28

Bill Proposes Guns to Be Taken from 'Extreme Risk' People
Connecticut Legislature to Vote on NRA-Opposed Judge Nominee
Federal Agency Weighed Spying on Cars at Gun Shows

January 27

Annie Get Your Gun: More Women Buying Firearms
ND Mulls Measure to Allow Concealed-Carry Guns in School
U.S. Army Allowing More Time to Find New Service Pistol

January 26

Oregon Becomes the Focus of Efforts to Expand Background Checks for Guns
GOP Lawmakers: Guns on Campus Bill Has Votes to Pass Senate
Russia's Famed AK-47 Assault Rifles Could Soon Be Made in the USA

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