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October 21

How Gun-Control Legislation Is Affecting This Election
Supreme Court to Decide Whether Felons Can Sell Their Guns
3D-Printed Gun Maker Draws Jail Term in Japan

October 20

Cuomo Defends Law Denying Guns to Mentally Ill People
Court to Decide if Convicted Felon Can Sell Guns
UK Gun Owners Now Subject to Warrantless Home Searches

October 17

Federal Court in Idaho Strikes down Ban on Possessing Guns for Self-Defense on Army Corps of Engineers Property
Updated: Lancaster May Repeal Lost Gun Reporting Law to Avoid Lawsuits
HOOAH Helping Veterans Rehab through Hunting

October 16

Mother Charged in Teen's Possession of Gun at School
Feminist Cancels USU Talk after Guns Allowed despite Death Threat
D.C. To Begin Accepting First Applications in Decades for Concealed-Firearm Permits

October 15

Fulton Judge Unlikely to Let Dad Bring Guns to Children's School Events
Signs Banning Guns Taken down at Loudon County Government Office Building
'Google Glass' for Guns: TrackingPoint Unveils High-Tech Headset, New Rifle

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