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October 7

Florida open carry measure jumps first hurdle
Gun rights advocates turn up pressure for veto on school carry repeal
Minnesota Hunters: Blaze Orange Clothing Required

October 6

Delaware: Markell signs domestic violence gun bill
Milwaukee officers' lawsuit could set gun law precedent

October 5

Commission will soon change Louisiana's duck-hunting zones -- maybe
Bear-hunting Foes Seek Volunteers to Find Cubs After Kills

October 2

SF supervisor seeks to curtail unsecured police guns in cars
Staying safe in your tree stand during hunting season
New laws could mean harsher punishment for hunting violations

October 1

American Knife & Tool Institute Presents “Common Sense Award” to Senators Mike Enzi and Ron Wyden
LAPD Defends Officers Who Purchased Discounted Guns
Wildlife Conservation Remains a Priority as National Hunting and Fishing Day is Celebrated

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