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July 22

DU Surpasses 100,000 Acres of Conservation in North Carolina
ATF, NSSF Offer $10,000 Reward in Minnesota Store Robbery
Deer Hunting Proposed at Indianapolis Park

July 21

California Tightens Handgun Restrictions
Hearing Set on Move to Block Nevada Gun Initiative
New Sanctions Have U.S. Gun Buyers Scrambling for Popular Russian Rifles

July 18

Congressman: DC Gun Amendment Likely to Fail
Dem. Rep. Proposes Ban of Cartoon Characters, Stuffed Animals to Market Guns
Philadelphia Mother Whose Legal Gun Got Her Arrested in NJ Hopes for Leniency

July 17

Detroit Police Chief Gives Credit to Armed Citizens for Drop in Crime
House Votes to Block D.C. Gun Regulations in Latest Challenge to City Laws
Small-Arms Treaty, Big Second Amendment Threat

July 16

Mayor Jackson Proposes New Gun Control Legislation
Gun Owners Group Seeks Changes as Massachusetts Senate Plans Debate on Gun Bill
BREAKING: Import of Kalashnikov Concern/Saiga AKs Banned by Executive Order

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