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Excited About First Shots

Vol. 13, No. 06 - February 13, 2012

IN SACRAMENTO AND MIAMI . . . The Super Bowl is over, March Madness hasn't begun yet and the Republican primary season is a muddle. What is one to do for excitement? Sacramento and Miami area residents have figured it out. They have filled 20 First Shots seminars to capacity in order to learn about firearm ownership--yet another demonstration of the growing interest in gun ownership across America. On March 3, nearly 400 people residing in and near the two cities will learn about their state and local procedures for owning a handgun and will receive supervised instruction on the firing line. The seminars are being co-sponsored by the National Shooting Sports Foundation® and three target-shooting facilities in each area. Shooting ranges nationwide are invited to host First Shots seminars. Read the NSSF news release, and learn more about First Shots at

Industry News

  • SANETTI SPEAKING AT NORTH AMERICAN . . . At the 77th North American Wildlife and Natural Resources Conference, NSSF President and CEO Steve Sanetti will speak about cooperative wildlife-restoration efforts during a session on the 75th anniversary of the Wildlife and Sportfish Restoration Program. The conference, which brings together conservation leaders, runs March 12-17 in Atlanta. The WSFR program includes the Federal Aid in Wildlife Restoration Act (Pittman-Robertson), through which the firearms and ammunition industry has contributed approximately $7 billion in collected excise taxes toward conservation. Hunters and all Americans who enjoy wildlife and wild lands have benefited from this.
  • SHOT BUSINESS FEBRUARY ISSUE . . . latest issue of SHOT Business magazine is now available online at Features on "Optics 2012" and "The .375 Mystique" head up the long list of valuable content. Also find the most recent news briefs, what's selling where, new products, what's new from NSSF and much more.

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  • SHOT SHOW CLAMPS DOWN ON ILLEGAL ACTIVITIES . . . In a blog post detailing a couple of unethical business practices attempted at the 2012 Show, NSSF Sr. VP & CMO Chris Dolnack thanked everyone who served as the industry's eyes and ears at the show. Read more about suitcasers and outboarders that were shown the door.

Government Relations

  • SANTORUM PAYS VISIT TO H&H SHOOTING SPORTS COMPLEX . . . Fresh off primary victories in three states, presidential candidate Rick Santorum demonstrated his support for the individual right to keep and bear arms by visiting H&H Shooting Sports Complex in Oklahoma City last week. H&H is an NSSF Five Star member range owned by Miles and Jayne Hall. Read more.
  • SENATOR TAKES ON WASHINGTON POST OVER VIOLENCE IN MEXICO . . . Sen. John Coryn (R-Texas), writing in the National Review, took The Washington Post to task for a recent editorial blaming American policies for exacerbating violence in Mexico. "No question, the United States should be doing more to help Mexico stem the rising tide of drug-related violence," said Coryn. "But we should also be skeptical of claims that American gun laws are at the root of the problem."
  • CHICAGO WRITES BIG CHECK TO SAF . . . The Second Amendment Foundation received a check for $399,950 recently for recovery of legal fees expended in McDonald v. City of Chicago, the landmark Supreme Court case that struck down the city's ban on handgun ownership. The check, signed by Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, is the largest the foundation has ever received, said SAF founder and Executive Vice President Alan Gottlieb. According to an news report, the funds will be directed into Moore v. Madigan, litigation that is challenging the constitutionality of Illinois state laws that prohibit the carrying of loaded firearms for personal protection.
  • N.J. FAMILIES AFIELD BILL PASSES STATE SENATE COMMITTEE . . . S.1083, which is aimed at allowing mentored youth ages 10 and older and adults to hunt under an apprentice license, has been passed by the New Jersey Senate Environment and Energy Committee. You may follow online the progress of the legislation, whose primary sponsors are Sen. Bob Smith and Stephen M. Sweeney.
  • CAMPAIGN 2012: STAY INFORMED . . . The NSSF PAC -- the backbone of NSSF's government relations efforts -- wants to ensure that you and your employees stay informed during this critically important election year. If your company is an NSSF corporate member (C corporation, LLC taxed as a corporation or Nonprofit), please return your Prior Approval Form so you can receive NSSF PAC-related communications, including invitations to upcoming PAC events. Together we can preserve, promote and protect America's firearms and ammunition industry, the Second Amendment and, of course, your business and livelihood on Election Day.

Retailers & Ranges

  • INTERESTED IN OPENING A SHOOTING RANGE OR FIREARMS RETAIL SHOP? . . . NSSF Customized Market Reports (CMR) are a great way to learn more about the demographic makeup, potential customer base and local competition in and around the area you've selected to open a range or retail establishment. A CMR from NSSF averages 80 pages and contains detailed data for a chosen radius on any U.S. address. To learn more about Customized Market Reports and how you can commission one, email Dianne Vrablic, NSSF research coordinator, or call her at 203-426-1320. More information on this report is available at the NSSF website. This custom report, which costs non-NSSF members $1,000, is available to NSSF members for $350. Read about one member's experience with a CMR and view a sample report.
  • HOFFMAN'S GUN CENTER NAMED RUGER RETAILER OF YEAR . . . NSSF member Hoffman's Gun Center & Indoor Shooting Range in Newington, Conn., was named the 2011 Ruger Retailer of the Year. Owner Scott Hoffman received an engraved Mark IIITM pistol to recognize his strong support for Ruger and his success in the retail firearms industry. Read more
  • $3.3M FEDERAL GRANT HELPS FUND GEORGIA SHOOTING CENTER . . . Georgia Southern University is partnering with the state Department of Natural Resources to develop an elite sports shooting education center in Statesboro, the Savannah Morning News reports. The state-of-the-art center is being funded in part by a $3.3 million federal grant that was acquired through the DNR.

News of Note

  • USA SHOOTING ANNOUNCES 2012 JUNIOR OLYMPIC SHOTGUNNING TEAM . . . The Junior Olympic Shotgun Team is the gateway to the USA Shooting Team's Olympic path, and from 80 applications received, Coach Bret Erickson and the Junior Olympic Shotgun Team committee have named 22 shooters to the team. Each will receive support, assistance and coaching needed to advance through the ranks of competitive shooting. Read the announcement from USA Shooting.
  • COLT AUCTION PISTOL BENEFITS USA SHOOTING . . . A Wiley Clapp Colt Commander pistol donated by Colt's Manufacturing Company and auctioned on the site raised $7,025 for the USA Shooting Team. The auction attracted more than 22,000 views and 75 bids. Joyce Rubino, Colt VP of marketing, said, "As an American brand, Colt wanted to make a contribution to the USA Shooting Team as they represent our country in the upcoming summer Olympics." The custom pistol is chambered in .45 ACP and features the USA Shooting Team logo engraved on the slide.