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New Jersey Second Amendment Society Needs Local Area Coordinators

The New Jersey Second Amendment Society (NJ2AS) is in the process of enhancing its leadership structure to better organize for the political and legislative battles that lie ahead.

In an effort to be better prepared to reach out into every county and election district in the state we have decided to recruit individuals who are motivated to oversee operations in their specific local areas and are willing establish a two-way communication channel with our Activism Coordinator.

Since we fully understand that most people have full-time jobs, family and other responsibilities, we are looking for individuals who can help us to efficiently organize area member and supporter volunteers.

Think of this as a division of a labor of love. We all want the same result, an end to senseless regulations that interfere with the lawful use of firearms that do nothing whatsoever to deter crime. We also wish to eliminate the obstacles to the right to carry handguns for personal defense and the protection of our loved ones as they do in the majority of other states. Area coordinators will be the primary point of contact for those volunteers willing to contribute a portion of their time to accomplish this mission. In this way we can minimize the time commitments of everyone concerned.

At present we have what I believe is a very good “central nervous system” in our Leadership Team. What we lack is an effective “peripheral nervous system” that can reach out and communicate directly with our members and supporters where they live. The monthly meetings are great, but we will be able to magnify our effectiveness EXPONENTIALLY once we have this structure in place. We will also be able to disseminate information faster and more reliably *AND* hear back from our members quickly when there is something we need to respond to in their geographic location.

To this end, I have asked member Corey Mulholland to act as the Activism Coordinator. His primary responsibilities will be to help us build the necessary structure to make this effort a reality, and to be the primary point of contact for the Leadership Team. The Area Coordinators will report to Corey and he will provide them with the resources they need to do their job. As a Marine and a Financial Adviser, Corey is well-equipped to handle this responsibility for the Society. I truly appreciate his willingness to take on this critical task.

The job of the Area Coordinators will be to work with Corey so that he can help to recruit and organize the volunteers in your local area. When there is a need to mobilize, Corey will work with the Area Coordinators to provide the information and resources necessary to coordinate the activities of the local volunteers. The Area Coordinators will also communicate the concerns of the volunteers in their area back to Corey so that together, we can find a solution.

If you are interested in becoming an Area Coordinator or if you need additional information, please contact Corey at Please understand that since this is a completely new endeavor, the details will most likely evolve as we move forward. Like most start-ups, you will have an opportunity to help shape the direction of this program. I am very confident that the future members of the Leadership Team will develop from positions such as these.

I apologize for the length of this important post. Thank you for giving it your attention.

Very Sincerely, Frank Jack Fiamingo President – NJ2AS

By: Ammoland



Bloomberg’s New Campaign: More Gun Control Needed for Gun-Owning Parents

On April 16th 2014 – the same day Michael Bloomberg told NBC’s Today show that his gun control push “isn’t gun control” – he released a new ad targeting parents who have kids in the home yet own guns.

The ad is an emotional appeal aimed at building support for new gun control restrictions on gun owners with kids in the home, specifically focused on having guns in the home locked up.

In the ad, a young girl and her brother play hide and seek. The girl hides in her parents’ closet and finds a pistol that the parents kept in a box on the floor. She plays with the gun, turning it around in her hands and finally pulling back the hammer.

Just after she pulls back the hammer, her brother steps into the closet to find her, the screen goes dark, and a gunshot rings out.

The caption on the screen asks, “Will you stop this?” That is followed by another caption which says, “Scenes like this happen all the time. More than 2 million American kids live in homes with unsecured guns.”

The day before this ad was released Bloomberg told The New York Times, “I think having a gun at home when you have children is really dumb.”

On January 31 Breitbart News reported Centers for Disease Control numbers showing more children under the age of ten are unintentionally killed in fire- or water-related incidents than are killed in accidental gun deaths.

In fact, the number of children unintentionally killed in fire-related incidents was over seven times higher than the number of children killed in unintentional gun-related incidents. The number of children killed in unintentional drownings was sixteen times higher than the number of children killed unintentionally by guns.

By: Ammoland

Constituent Blasts Democrat Sens Warner, Kaine for Voting to Submit Gun Rights to UN

A constituent from Reva, Virginia, wrote an editorial blasting Senators Mark Warner (D-VA) and Tim Kaine (D-VA) for voting to subjugate the Second Amendment to the dictates of the United Nations via the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT).

As Breitbart News reported on April 28, 2013, Warner and Kaine were two of 44 Democrat senators who voted for this measure. They were joined by Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and Angus King (I-Maine).

In the editorial published on April 17th 2014 by the Star Exponent, the Virginia constituent wrote, “I find [it] remarkable … that 46 voted in favor of the death of our 2nd Amendment. … And [that] you, Senators Warner and Kaine, were on that list.”

The constituent then asked the senators how they ”could allow such a back-door, back-handed deceitful approach to nullify” the Second Amendment to begin in the first place.

He asked Warner and Kaine pointedly, “How is it that you do not feel in line with our traditions, our heritage, our culture, [and] our past which, yes, is necessarily linked with both self and national defense through firearms?”

On September 25th, Breitbart News reported NRA warnings that the ATT “urges record keeping of end users, directing importing countries to provide information to an exporting country regarding arms transfers, including ‘end use or end user documentation’ for ‘a minimum of ten years.’” This information on end users is a de-facto registry and one that could be “made available to foreign governments.

Senators Warner and Kaine voted “yea.”

By: Ammoland