Information: Industry News - July 2, 2015
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Cops hate this gun-shaped iPhone case

Police are up in arms over an iPhone case that's shaped like a gun.

"Most kids carry their cell phone in their back pocket, and if someone reaches for it, in my mind they're reaching for a gun," said Al Della Fave, a retired New Jersey state trooper and firearms instructor.

Dellla Fave, a spokesman for the Ocean County Prosecutor's Office in New Jersey, shared a Facebook (FB, Tech30) photo of the iPhone case that he found on a closed social media site for cops. A model poses with her phone tucked into her back pocket, and the protruding case looks like the handle of a semiautomatic compact pistol.

Della Fave said that if a teenager draws the phone in the presence of a cop "the first thing they're going to see as it's coming up is the trigger guard and the butt of the gun.

This doesn't seem like a good idea at all to me."

The model in the Facebook image also poses with the phone next to her face, talking into it, and it looks like she's brandishing a gun.

The phone case is sold online by various retailers at prices from about $5 to $49 and comes in several different colors.

"The app means you can play games of Russian Roulette at parties!" said Japan Trend Shop, in its online product description. "Don't worry, you can't actually shoot anyone!"

The NYPD did not return messages from CNNMoney. But an NYPD cop from the 112th precinct of Queens, NY, tweeted the image with a few words of advice, "I would NOT suggest purchasing this cell phone case, which was designed to look like a firearm."

It is not clear who manufactures the case.

"If it's on the web then it's out there somewhere, that's the bottom line," said Della Fave.

By Aaron Smith,

Massachusetts to allow bear hunting statewide

The odds of seeing a bear in southeastern Massachusetts, let alone shooting one, are remote, but it's now legal to hunt them here.

With the bear population expanding east, the state Division of Fish and Wildlife has decided to allow the animals to be hunted statewide. They may also be hunted during the shotgun deer season.

Until this year, bear were fair game in wildlife management zones 1-9, which stretch from the New York border to a line running roughly from Dunstable on the New Hampshire line to Bellingham on the Rhode Island line.

The bear season runs for 18 days in September and 19 days in November. Allowing bear hunting during the shotgun season for deer adds two more weeks in December.

The last reported bear sighting east of Route 95 was in Sharon in July 2012. Earlier that summer, wildlife officials used a tranquilizer dart to remove a 160-pound bear that had climbed a tree in Brookline. The animal had also been seen in Middleboro and on Cape Cod.

There were several sightings in 2011.


The first American-made Kalashnikovs are now for sale
They're not just Russian anymore.

Kalashnikov USA announced on Tuesday that it is now selling AK-47 assault rifles and shotguns that have been manufactured at a U.S. factory.
The Kalashnikov USA web site provides a menu of two rifles and two shotguns, all semiautomatics. One of the rifles features a curved, banana-style high-capacity magazine with 30 rounds.

Thomas McCrossin, CEO of Kalashnikov USA, told CNNMoney in January, at the SHOT Show in Las Vegas, that his company was going to manufacture the guns in America as soon as a factory was established. The company has not told CNNMoney where that factory is located.

The Kalashnikov USA brand is owned by RWC in Pennsylvania. The company's slogan is, "Russian heritage, American innovation."

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The company was established by the original, Moscow-based Kalashnikov Concern to export its guns into the U.S. But that plan was stymied by President Obama's anti-Russian sanctions, to punish Russian businesses for President Putin's war in Ukraine.
The firearms made Kalashnikovs a hot commodity in the U.S., since there was a finite supply. McCrossin told CNNMoney that his company would fix that problem by making the guns in the U.S.

The AK-47 was invented by Mikhail Kalashnikov in the former Soviet Union in 1947. Its durability and reliability in combat has made it the most popular assault rifle in the world, rivaling even the AR-15.

AK-style rifles are manufactured all over the world, including in the U.S. But this is the first time official Kalashnikov-brand guns have been produced in the U.S. They will be available at a number of retail outlets.

By Aaron Smith,