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02/23/17 - Use of hunting fee riles Nevada lawmakers

“​A debate roared to life at a Nevada Legislature hearing over how a $3 fee earmarked for the killing of ravens, coyotes and mountain lions should be spent…” Read More →

02/23/17 - Gun Groups Evaluate Options After Court Upholds Maryland’s Assault-weapons Ban

“​The National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) says it’s “evaluating all legal options” after a federal appeals court on Tuesday upheld Maryland’s 2013 ban on assault weapons and large-capacity ammunition magazines, which legislators passed in the wake of the 2012 shooting massacre at an elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut.​” Read More →

02/22/17 - Maine proposes 3% reduction in moose hunting permits for 2017

“State wildlife biologists propose reducing moose permits by less than 3 percent for the coming season after cutting the number almost in half over the previous three years…” Read More →

02/22/17 - N.H. eliminates concealed carry license requirement

“The new law makes the concealed-carry license optional, instead of mandatory. The state is at least the 11th to enact such a policy, according to a spokesman for the National Rifle Association…” Read More →

02/21/17 - Takko, Braun seek constitutional protection for hunting, fishing

“​Two Southwest Washington lawmakers want to make hunting and fishing a constitutional right, hoping that Washington becomes the 22nd state to protect both activities in its constitution…” Read More →