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11/07/18 - The USAMU Fort Benning Three Gun Challenge

Civilians are playing Army as the US Army Marksmanship Unit hosts the match when combat training becomes competition. It’s the Ft. Benning Three Gun Challenge using pistol, rifle, and tactical shotgun. Three gun competition is based on the proposition that if you’re pretty good competing with your pistol, how good are you if we add in rifle and shotgun? In USPSA matches, it’s become known as multi-gun competition. And participation is growing with the record sales of the AR-15 rifle. 

The Fort Benning Three Gun Challenge has become one of the most popular 3-Gun matches of the year. The roster of competitors fills to capacity in just seconds via the internet registration, and for good reason. This is the only multi-gun match that is able to draw on the assets of the US Army. The fifth installment of the Fort Benning 3-Gun Match is as big and as exciting as any of the matches before it. That is the goal of the USAMU action shooting team, the hosts for this event. 

This year the theme is representing different army units, beginning with basic training and a DI in his Smokey hat yelling commands at the competitors. Other stages of fire challenge the shooters with scenarios representing different fighting units.

By: Staff - Shooting USA