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RSR Stock #: ATS100065
Manufacturer Part #: 100065
UPC: 796430000658

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Taser, Strikelight 2 Kit, Stun Gun, White, Includes Wrist Strap and Charging Cable


WARNING: The Axon system has components that contains chemicals known to the State of California, U.S.A and others to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. Do not disassemble. Refer to your agency's guidance for proper handling and disposal MLB0273 Rev: A


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  • Includes StrikeLight 2 Device, Wrist Strap and Charging Cable
  • Stun gun capabilities for close-contact emergency situations.
  • Loud arc audio warning deters would-be attackers from a distance.
  • Choose a 700-lumen high beam, a 150-lumen low beam or red mode light for improved vision in the dark.
  • Leave your device and find safety! TASER will replace it free of charge if fired in self-defense. Guaranteed.

Product Description

Developed by public safety's most trusted partner, the TASER StrikeLight 2 provides industry-best stun-gun effectiveness in the form of a portable flashlight with three distinct light modes. Capable of close-contact stun and long-distance warnings, the StrikeLight 2 adds portability and protection to any activity.