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RSR Stock #: LSLNC-308-BK
Manufacturer Part #: LNC-308-BK
UPC: 738435616724

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Lancer, Brake, Tunable Brake/Compensator, Blacknitrided Steel, 5/8 x 24 TPI, 308 Win



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  • Includes set screw and orifice jets
  • Crush washer supplied

Product Description

The Lancer Nitrous compensator is a tunable compensator. Engineered with a blast chamber and tunable jets, the Nitrous compensator will effectively reduce muzzle climb making for faster follow on shots. Angled blast baffles are incorporated to reduce recoil and further stabilize the rifle. The jets release gas from the blast chamber creating a downward force on the muzzle of the rifle. Different size jets are supplied with the compensator so the operator can customize the downward force, minimizing muzzle climb. Tuning is a simple matter of changing the combination of jets until the desired effect is achieved.