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RSR Part #: MPIMAG1109-230-36 Manufacturer Part #: MAG1109-230-36

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Magpul Industries, Tejas Gun Belt, El Original, 1.5" Width, Bullhide Leather Exterior With Reinforced Polymer Interior Size 36", Light Brown Finish


  • Full grain outer layer is backed by a supportive but flexible reinforced polymer
  • 100% North American bull hide
  • Eight holes with 3/4" spacing for a wide, yet precise adjustment range
  • buckle design is engineered to create a reduced profile and increased comfort when wearing

Product Description

Constructed with the same ingenuity and reliability found in Magpul hardware, the revamped MagpulTejasGun Belt - "El Original" can handle the most demanding use and remain great-looking while doing it. It provides gun belt rigidity with dress belt comfort and offers a stretch and sag-free performance. Updated for 2020, the "El Original" is crafted from 100% North American bull hide. It's sturdy, strong, and backed by a supporting layer of flexible polymer, making it a rugged piece of gear that provides dress belt comfort. It measures 1-1/2" wide and 1/4" thick, so it will fit most belt loops and holsters comfortably. The "El Original" belt also sports a new easily-removable buckle that's engineered with a sleek profile design that sits flat against the waist and helps reduce printing when you're carrying