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RSR Part #: RCSMORMPFSBK Manufacturer Part #: MOR MPFS BK

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Raven Concealment Systems, Morrigan IWB Holster, Fits M&P Fullsize, Ambidextrous, Black Kydex, with Soft Loops


  • Fits M&P full size 9mm/40cal (4.25" barrel), M&P compact 9mm/40cal
  • Full height body shield
  • Ambidextrous

Product Description

The Morrigan is a revolutionary concealment holster designed specifically for inside-the-waistband carry. While it can certainly be worn forward of the blade of the hip, the Morrigan is best-suited for people who carry their pistol on or behind the blade of the hip. It has an extremely slim, compact profile so as not to add bulk to the dimensions of the firearm. A full-height body shield protects the weapon from sweat, while simultaneously protecting the shooter from scrapes and discomfort caused by sharp edges on the pistol such as slide serrations. The body shield also fully protects the rear sight from snagging or cutting into cover garments while holstered.