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Law Enforcement Dealer Reseller Program

Law Enforcement Dealer Reseller Program

Firearms sold under this program are available for sale to all full-time law enforcement officers, first
responders and other qualified individuals with a copy of official ID:

  • Sworn LEO: state, county and local
  • Federal LEO: FBI, U.S. Marshals, DEA, DHS, etc.
  • Corrections officers including parole and probation officers
  • Retired LEO with “retired” credentials including federal, state, county and local
  • State licensed security companies and state/city licensed security officers
  • Federal flight deck officers
  • Court judges, district attorneys and deputy district attorneys
  • First responders including firefighters and personnel with appropriate I.D. and letterhead with verification of duty purpose
  • Military: active, retired, active-reserve, disabled in any capacity, active – National Guard

All dealers must first complete and submit the Law Enforcement Dealer Reseller Agreement. A completed S&W POS Form, a copy of page 3 of the ATF Form 4473 and the officer’s ID must be submitted to RSR Group, Inc. for records and auditing purposes for each firearm sold. RSR Group, Inc. requests that documents be faxed, scanned or emailed to

Because these firearms are intended for the use of the law enforcement community, sales of these firearms to the commercial market/individual are strictly prohibited.

All individual officer inquiries will be referred to our established LE dealers.

RSR Group, Inc. looks forward to assisting dealers in order to better serve the law enforcement and first responder community. For more information, please contact:  | Fax: (866) 564-5379